Shutterlust Photo Booth is a modern photo booth rental company for hire based in Tucson, Arizona, which serves Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding area. We offer high quality photos, excellent service, and many ways to elevate your event.



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Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the photo booth take to set up?

For most events, our photo booth rentals take 1 hour to setup but we usually arrive 1-1.5 hours before the scheduled start time.


Can the photo booth go upstairs?

Yes we can take our photo booth upstairs but we prefer elevators and ramps. Please let us know if we do need to go upstairs as this will increase how long it will take us to set up.


Is setup and breakdown included?

The time it takes to setup and breakdown is included in the price and does not effect your rental period. Idle hours will effect your rental period.


What is an idle hour?

An idle hour is the time that you would like the photo booth, backdrop, and props to be fully setup but that you do not want guests to be able to use the booth. This time is often used for when you want us to be completely setup before a guest arrives or during times of wedding toasts, dinner, etc.

Do you travel to venues outside of the Tucson Metro Area and Phoenix Metro Area?

Yes. There is an additional charge of $1.00 a mile.


Can I hire the photo booth for more hours?

Yes you can! In fact most people usually hire us for 4 hours. Our longest event so far was 10 hours long. For the Photo Booth +Prints, additional hours are $200 and for the Boomerang Booth, additional hours are $150. Idle hours for all photo booths are $100.

Can we extend our photo booth time the day/night of?

You booked your booth package, but you and your guests are having so much fun that you want to extend the booth for an additional hour. Don't worry it happens more than you think. We are more than happy to accommodate this. Our standard charge for an additional hour is $200 for the Photo Booth +Prints and $150 for the Boomerang Booth. This must be paid by credit or debit card before continuing service.


How many people can fit inside your booth?

Your photo booths are open air. Which means they are not enclosed. This allows us to comfortably fit up to 6-8 people. The most we ever had in the booth was 17!


How big are the prints?

The Photo Booth +Prints can print sizes at 6x8 inches, 6x6 inches, 4x6 inches, and 2x6 inches. The standard print size is 4x6 inches but we can also do 2x6 inches at no additional cost. 6x6 and 6x8 prints are an additional charge. Printing is not available with our Boomerang Booth. 


Do you have Boomerangs and/or Animated GIFs?

Yes, both are available with our Boomerang Booth!


Do you provide digital copies of the photos/video/prints?

Yes we do. Your guests can text/email to their phones directly from the photo booth. Wifi is required to have this done on the spot but don't worry all shares will be sent within 24 hours when we connect to Wifi at our office at the end of the night. But it doesn't stop there. We will email you a link to the dropbox folder with all images and place them on our online gallery for your guests to view within 24 hours. For Photo Booth +Prints rentals - you can upgrade to our USB drive, then you can have them that night OR upgrade to our photo guestbook and have physical copies that night as well!


Do you provide props?

Yes! Both of our photo booths come with a variety of fun, goofy and entertaining props.  


We can also custom make props or you can upgrade to our Luxury Metal Props!


What are your backdrop options?

First off, all of our backdrop options are included in every package. No standard white or black backdrops only. We let you pick any of them.


We have a selection of luxury sequin backdrops in a range of colors and we have tension fabric backdrops as well that look much better than the traditional fabric backdrops.


If there’s something specific you are after we can create a custom backdrop for you based on the theme or logos of your event. Email us for more information at info@shutterlust.com.


Can you customize ______?

We can customize the photo booth prints, the screens, the backdrop, the props, and even the message going out to your guests when they text. Have a special hashtag for your event, we can include that on the text/email message, template and screens. #shutterlustphotobooth


This customization can match your invitations, colors, theme, etc. Ask us how.


How many prints are in the Photo Booth +Prints Package?

Unlimited 4x6 Prints or 2x6 Prints are included. We highly recommend choosing the 4x6 option as the pictures are bigger and you can have more design elements.


Whats the difference between the Photo Booth +Prints and the Boomerang Booth?

The two big things are the look of them and the camera. While the software on both are practically identical (its by the same creator); Our Photo Booth +Prints is a more modern look with dual screens, High Definition Camera, Uses Flash Lighting and can provides unlimited prints. The Boomerang Booth is digital only, has one screen, a Ring Light that can change color, and uses the iPad camera. Prints are not available with our Boomerang Booth. Digital photos, gifs and boomerangs are included in our Boomerang Booth. Special filters are also included on our Boomerang Booth. So if you want to go for the black and white Kardashian glam look, we got you! 

What are your space requirements?

Preferably an accessible indoor space but we can do outside events as long as our booth is 100% covered from the elements and has power from a standard grounded 3-prong outlet at least 25 feet away.


For the best Photo Booth experience we suggest a space 10’ x 10’ x 10’. We prefer to have an outlet that is specifically dedicated to the booth as we don’t want to short out the DJ’s equipment or the lights! We do have extension cords available, which gives us at bit more flexibility.

Can I use the photo booth outdoors?

Yes. You must provide full cover from the elements and a solid flat surface. Our booth cannot be placed directly in the sun or on the grass/soil. Temperatures outside must be between 50 and 90 degrees. Failure to comply may result in not receiving a refund of funds above the retainer fee.


Will there be someone there the entire event?

Yes there will be. Not only does our person help provide suggestions but they also make sure that if there is an issue with the booth, they are right there to resolve it.


Are you insured?

Yes we are! Unlike lesser expensive photo booth companies, we carry insurance. This is one of the reasons why our prices are where they are. Insurance is important not only to protect our company and our photo booths, but also to help protect you the consumer. Who doesn't want to be protected?


I am on a limited budget for my event. What can I do?

If you’re having a wedding, why not request the Photo Booth as a wedding gift? Splitting the cost of the Photo Booth rental between your bridesmaids and groomsmen or aunts and uncles makes an easy and reasonably priced gift. And you’ll have tons of amazing photos of your fun loving friends and family to remember the day for years to come.

If you’re organizing a corporate/fundraiser event, we suggest asking a sponsor or partner company if they would be interested in purchasing a space for their logo on the prints and on the photo booth screen(s). You can charge the sponsor(s) just enough to cover the booth or you can charge more and keep the extra money for your fundraiser. The prints are a great advertising tool that will end up on fridges, office desks and pin boards. It’s the advertising that keeps on giving! Ask us for sample advertising prints.


Do you price match?

We understand that you may have seen other photo booths being offered at a lower price. We believe in providing the best service and quality in everything we do, and we incur a higher cost in order to do so. While we cannot match these below-market rates, I can assure you that our photo booth rental is unlike most in Tucson and Phoenix from the modern elegant look of it, to the dual screens that allow sharing at the same time others are taking photos, and all of our backdrops are standard including the luxury sequin ones. Not to mention we are reliable and insured. Our price is also at the market value and are comparable to the competitors that have similar quality of service and photo booths that look just as good as what their software provides.


Exposure/Exchange/Trade Collaboration

We are glad to see your enthusiasm in what your event has to offer and although we cannot provide our services for free we do suggest asking a sponsor or partner company if they would be interested in purchasing a space for their logo on the prints and on the photo booth screen(s). You can charge the sponsor just enough to cover the booth or you can charge more and keep the extra money for your fundraiser. The prints are a great advertising tool that will end up on fridges, office desks and pin boards. It’s the advertising that keeps on giving! Ask us for sample advertising prints.


You've answered all of my questions, how do I book a photo booth?

You can either click "BOOK NOW" at the top or bottom of the page to enter your event information, select your services, pay, sign the contract, and reserve the date or you can email us we can help get it together for you.


We require a 30% non-refundable retainer to secure your date and a returned signed contract.